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Visitation Program

One of the Association’s proudest achievements has long been the establishment of volunteer visitors, each of whom has lost one or more limbs. Where possible we try to match each client and visitor by age, sex, interests and limb loss. Therefore creating a common bond and allowing the Volunteer Visitor to draw on their experience. They provide practical advice and reassurance to the person they are visiting and to their family and friends. Visits are arranged before and after surgery, at home, or at the hospital. In areas where a Volunteer Visitor is not available we will arrange contact by phone or letter. Referrals are also welcome from caring professionals on an amputee’s behalf.


We make hospital visits to new amputees. We provide peer support and educational materials at these visits. A visitation report is made after each visit so that we may follow up on the patient’s progress after their hospital stay. Our volunteers can be reached at the number given on the Contact Page. Please leave the hospital name, your phone number, the patient’s name and room number. In most cases, all we need is your name, the type of amputation you are coping with so that we are able to match you up with someone that understands what you are going through. (We may want to speak with you or your spouse / partner before the visit). We are here to help! No amputee should recover alone.

Information packages have been assembled to help amputees. These include booklets, brochures, and newsletter. Through referrals, one of our members, also an amputee, will visit a new amputee. We try to match the patient as closely as possible in terms of age, gender, and amputation to establish a common bond. This encourages the new amputee to discuss their feelings and concerns about their situation with somebody who has had similar experiences and understands the trauma of it all. The volunteer will leave the Information Package with the new amputee at the end of this initial visit and arrange a time and a date for a follow up visit.

Currently we mail newsletters to more than 500 individuals and Health Care Professionals in the Niagara Region. The primary purpose of the newsletter is to inform people of relevant changes in government funding, disability issues, and any other educational information that can be passed along


Every year we have a Christmas dinner and party. Each July we have a barbeque. There are four other social events.


We provide Support Group Meetings where we encourage open discussions and communication for amputees and their family members. We do, on occasion, invite guest speakers to talk on subjects of interest to amputees. If you are interested in attending these meetings, please call us at (905) 708-7104 for the current location and time of our meetings.